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what's funny is that fortnite is actually still on top and apex doesn't even have half as many players as fortnite still does

Edit: why are u booing me? IM RIGHT

i've been following your work since 2008 and i like that you've kept the same style but somehow make it look different and better and ahhhhh,,happy belated birthday and keep up the good work. your stuff is amazing

Some of 'em are nice but, I don't get how the hanging suicides are dramatic :^) maybe if they were squirmming around uncontrollably for a hella long time but- this is 2 seconds so it was just, rope to neck - suddenly dead

a lot were nice but I have to put a low rating just for the hideous suicides

Detail is nice but, speedpaints are seriously the worst on this site. I uh... really enjoy their eyes, though.

it took me a little bit to figure out what this was in reference too
jesus christ i love you
this is so amazing

reminds me of actual things happening with black people getting shot and killed for no reason and this is how all of the white people react to it

im going to use this for educational purposes

God I love nerd homeless men
Everything about this makes me so happy

that was so upsetting, i love it
and that sick beat at the end

I love this, lol. But doing the same thing a few times in a row made it a bit of a bore. Like the first time when Scar applied make-up-- maybe you could've done something really weird between each time? This is great though, keep it up pls.

The way they flap their wings isn't very good, it was like a mechanical bird where it just goes up and down instead of flowing with the wind and their feathers and shit. Detail in their wings wasn't all that great too. When 0:26 came up, I thought you gave them giant ballsacks. You couldn't have had drawn the bags actually on their feet? Storks don't hold shit between their legs, and even if they were for this animation, it wouldn't have had looked like it was magically balancing between their twig legs. Confetti was all black and boring. You'll make the background look great (that's what you get half a star on) and the cards decent, but no detail with the confetti? C'mon. Music was obnoxious, and I didn't really think it fit this.

Otherwise this was a nice animation idea. Practice makes perfect.

Evy-kun responds:

I know that the wings look really bad, but it's a long story. When I came up with the bag idea, I already drew the previous frames, so that's why they appear OUT OF NOWHERE. (You have a dirty mind.) I DID intend for it to be on the feet, but it was difficult to draw, and another things I'd rather not talk about. Confetti? That's not confetti. They're the cards. It's black at first because you can't see them too well at a distance in the first scene. Though they do look a bit dull in the second scene. You must not have a taste for beautiful orchestra from Final Fantasy then.

This involved a lot of experiments, mistakes and things I didn't plan, BUT thank you for the compliment. I'll get much better in the future. Hope you enjoy any of my other videos.

i just want my ass ate


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